Allied Heat Holding
Applications for Vacancies / Speculative Applications
Your job application should comprise the following documents:
Cover sheet with first and last name, address, telephone number and e-mail address
Cover letter
For which position in the company are you applying?
Why is this position interesting for you? What are your expectations for this position?
Why are you the appropriate person for this position? What special skills and characteristics qualify you for the position?
What is the earliest possible starting date?
What is your salary expectation for this position?
In case of a speculative application, please indicate the affiliate company / companies for that you apply.

Current CV in table form
Relevant internship certificates and job references
In case of a speculative application, we will check the situation and probability of job vacancy with the affiliate companies you indicated. If an appropriate position is vacant, the contact person in the respective affiliate company will contact you directly. Otherwise we as parent company will inform you.